Best Restaurants in Thane That You Can’t-Miss For Detectable Food

Best Restaurants in Thane That You Can’t-Miss For Detectable Food

Thane is a culturally rich and historically significant city near Mumbai that strikes a perfect balance between breathtaking attractions, thrilling experiences, natural marvels, and lip-smacking local cuisines. While no trip to Thane is complete without indulging in authentic Marathi delicacies, here are some of the best restaurants in Thane that foodies must visit.

Authentic South Indian Fare at Angel Dosa Center

Angel Dosa Center in Khopat is a must-visit in Thane for those who love authentic South Indian cuisine. This popular eatery is known for its wide variety of dosas, including masala, plain paper, Mysore masala, podi, and cheese dosas. Along with the dosas, you can also relish idli, vada, and uttapam served with delicious chutneys and sambhar. Everything on the menu is freshly prepared and reasonably priced. The cozy ambiance adds to the overall dining experience.

With friendly staff and prompt service, Angel Dosa Center is one of the best restaurants in Thane for an authentic South Indian meal.

Swagath Restaurant for Biryani and Schezwan Rice

Located in Thane West, Swagath Restaurant is hugely popular for its signature dishes like biryani and schezwan rice. Foodies swear by the amazing flavors and aroma of the biryani served here. You can choose from veg or non-veg biryanis prepared under the supervision of expert chefs.

Along with biryanis, Swagath offers an extensive menu of North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese dishes. The vibrant interiors and courteous staff enhance your dining experience. Swagath is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Thane for those who love biryani.

Fresh Catch of the Day at Mahesh Lunch Home

Craving fresh seafood? Head straight to Mahesh Lunch Home, one of the finest restaurants in Thane. You can relish the freshest catch of the day cooked to perfection in Mangalorean, Malabari, and Goan styles.

The pomfret fry, prawns sukka, crab masala, and neer dosa are some of their signature dishes. They also serve North Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines. The elegant decor with warm lighting sets the perfect ambiance for a relaxing meal. Mahesh Lunch Home is a must-visit restaurant in Thane for seafood lovers.

Authentic Biryani at Shubha Restaurant

Located in Thane West, Shubha Restaurant is known for its signature mutton and chicken biryanis cooked to perfection by experienced chefs. Along with biryanis, it serves mouthwatering kebabs, curries, Chinese dishes, and seafood preparations.

The warm and welcoming ambiance makes it a favorite for family meals and gatherings. Friendly staff, efficient service, and consistent food quality make Shubha one of the most popular restaurants in Thane. Do not miss out on their biryani on your visit.

Mughlai Fare at Borivali Biryani Center

Borivali Biryani Center in Khopat is a paradise for non-vegetarian food lovers. Known for its authentic Mughlai cuisine, it serves mouthwatering kebabs, biryanis, and curries. The mutton biryani is a must-try, along with raan musallam, mutton keema, reshmi kebabs, and more.

The interiors are done up in classic Mughal style, taking you on a royal food journey. Borivali Biryani Center is one of the best non-vegetarian restaurants in Thane, offering great food at reasonable prices.

Malvani Delicacies at Malvan Restaurant

Located in Panchpakhadi, Malvan Restaurant is known for its authentic Malvani and Konkani-style seafood delicacies. Their signature dishes like prawns biryani, bombil fry, kolambi masala, and sol kadhi are a burst of amazing flavors.

The sol kadhi paired with hot puran poli is the perfect way to end your meal here. Run by a Maharashtrian family, Malvan Restaurant offers a homely ambiance and warm service along with delicious food. It is one of the best restaurants in Thane to try authentic Malvani cuisine.

Best Chinese Food at Shabri Restaurant

Shabri Restaurant, located in Thane West, offers the best Indo-Chinese fare that is flavorful as well as pocket-friendly. Their hot and sour soup, chicken chop suey, American chop suey, and Hakka noodles are loaded with taste and aromatic spices.

The quick service allows you to grab a quick meal on the go. Shabri’s also offers North Indian and fast food options. With a no-fuss ambiance and delicious food, Shabri is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Thane.

Woodland Restaurant for Vegetarian Fare

Woodland restaurant near Mulund Naka is renowned for its authentic and fresh South Indian dishes like masala dosa, Mysore masala dosa, vada sambar, and uttapams. Along with South Indian, it also serves Chinese and North Indian vegetarian dishes.

The cozy ambiance and warm service make it a popular family restaurant in Thane. The food quality and consistency keep customers coming back for more. For delicious and affordable vegetarian fare, Woodland is one of the top restaurants in Thane.

Pan India Flavors at Yellow Chilli

Yellow Chilli, located in the Viviana Mall, brings together the best of Indian flavors on one menu. Curated by Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor, the menu takes you on a food journey across India with dishes from Punjab, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kerala, and more.

You can relish sarson da saag, dal makhani, nalli nihari, appams, fish curry, and more traditional dishes. Elegant decor, prompt service, and amazing food make Yellow Chilli a unique dining destination. This multi-cuisine restaurant is a must-visit in Thane.

Oriental Fare at Blue Flame Restaurant

Blue Flame Restaurant, located in the United 21 hotel, is renowned for its Pan-Asian cuisines like Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai. The aromas and flavors of the curries, noodles, and stir-fries will leave you craving more. Their sizzlers and tandoori items are equally delicious.

Blue Flame offers a fine dining experience with stylish interiors, courteous service, and a well-stocked bar. Its exhausting Oriental menu makes it one of the best restaurants in Thane.

Traditional Koli Cuisine at Mi Hi Koli

Mi Hi Koli, started by Bhavesh Koli and his wife, is the first restaurant serving traditional Koli seafood delicacies. The must-try dishes here are bombil fry, prawns biryani, tisrya masala made with oysters, pompret curry, and more.

The food is outstanding and made from recipes passed down to generations. The service is also excellent. Mi Hi Koli brings the authentic flavors of the Koli community straight to your plate. It is truly one of the best restaurants in Thane.

Shree Gokhale Upahaar Gruh for Maharashtrian Food

Located in Naupada, Shree Gokhale Upahaar Gruh is renowned for its traditional Maharashtrian thalis and snacks. Their signature dishes like missal pav, sabudana vada, thalipeeth, pitla-bhakri, and sol kadhi are a burst of authentic local flavors.

The homely ambiance and Maharashtrian hospitality make dining here a memorable experience. For authentic local fare, Shree Gokhale Upahaar Gruh is one of the top restaurants in Thane.

Metkut for Vegetarian Maharashtrian Food

Metkut restaurant, located in Ghantali, serves delicious vegetarian Maharashtrian thalis and snacks in a no-frills setting. Their missal pav, sabudana vada, matar karanji, pitla bhakri, and more are prepared from recipes perfected over generations.

Daily changing menus, affordable prices, and warm service make this a popular local eatery. For fuss-free and tasty vegetarian Maharashtrian food, Metkut is your place.

Mainland China for Authentic Chinese Cuisine

The Thane outlet of the popular pan-India chain Mainland China is renowned for its authentic Chinese flavors. Their extensive menu covers popular Chinese dishes like schezwan fried rice, chilli chicken, manchurian, sweet and sour soup, noodles, and more.

The stylish oriental-inspired decor, coupled with efficient service, makes it a great place for Chinese food cravings. Mainland China offers one of the best Chinese dining experiences in Thane.

The Village Retreat for Weekend Specials

Tucked away on the Yeoor Hills, The Village Retreat offers a relaxing space for a weekend meal with family or friends. They host special theme nights on weekends with live music performances.

The multi-cuisine menu spans North Indian, Chinese, and continental preparations. The rural-themed decor takes you to a rustic countryside vibe. For good food and entertainment, The Village Retreat is a unique restaurant in Thane.

Rajasthani Thalis at Rajdhani

The Thane outlet of the popular chain Rajdhani is famous for its traditional Rajasthani thalis served in unlimited style. The thalis include dal baati churma, ker sangri, gatte ki sabzi, bajre ki roti, missi roti, thecha, papad and more signature dishes.

The welcoming staff and royal Rajasthani interiors transport you to rural Rajasthan. For an authentic Rajasthani feast, Rajdhani is one of the best restaurants in Thane.

So, if you are in Thane, make sure to explore these amazing restaurants and tantalize your tastebuds with local flavors.

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